Dr. Joanne Campbell

Feb 25 2019

I was a principal of a school with more than 100 employees, teachers and staff.
I always took 1 scoop of GSH Complex which gives me what I needed.
My energy level was through the roof.
It still remains the energy booster which has my friends in retirement trailing behind.

I had several clients who ordered for themselves and family members.

I realized this product is not like anything on the market or this world.

I will always tell this testimony.

I love the product and it makes a difference in my everyday health.

Dr. Joanne Campbell

Ron Goodman

Feb 19 2019

The Tripeptide Effect

My name is Ron Goodman, I am 65 years old and recovering from several medical challenges. High Blood pressure, Peripheral Arteries Disease, Prostate Cancer, and a number of College sports (Football, Baseball) injuries, in addition to 30+ years of Men’s basketball playing and referring.  I have been using the above product for approximately 135 days and have felt some significant changes to how I feel, and how I am recovering after physical workouts, and my daily routines. My first comments to Antonious Dean were that “I feel clearer”. My eye sight seemed better, and my body felt lighter. Over these last 135+ days, I can work out longer, walk more (10,000 step daily goal), and my stamina is steadily improving. My muscle definition is returning, and I am sleeping well. I take this product with Orange Juice daily. I am looking forward to getting some additional products that can help with my quality of Life!

Thank you

Pascale Dubé

Laval, Quebec | 2014

From My Accident To My Recovery

In May 2011, a motorcycle accident occurred causing serious injury with permanent sequel including a high paraplegia. Following nearly two years of hospitalization and rehabilitation, I accepted my new injured life, evolving with a precarious medical condition. Faced with many complications, pain and chronic fatigue, etc., nearly a year ago, I explained my situation to an employee of a biological market that showed me the benefits of GSH Complex.

From my first tests, the level of energy consumed by my pain and the side effects of several drugs is finally found! The amazing thing is that in periods of disease or infection, some unpleasant symptoms appear more so that I can take the appropriate antibiotics while avoiding hospitalization and bed rest. Even my energy remains with me!

Despite my weak immune system, thanks to the GSH Complex, the number of diseases contracted annually is lower than before the accident. However, certain complications may compel me to the hospital and my muscle mass melts away in as little as a week. But GSH Complex permits me to rebuild my muscle tissues within days without additional efforts.

Estheticly, many tell me that I look good and have a glow. Indeed, my complexion is clearer and imperfections disappeared. Considering my experience with this food, I recommend you to try it.

Thank you to all the team of Cymcorp. God bless you.

Steve M.

Oregon, USA | 2010

My wife has battled Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Raynaud’s Disease

My wife has battled Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease and other conditions for about ten years. She was in constant pain, and suffered continually. Even while she slept, I would see her grimace in pain. After she had been on GSH Complex for 11 days, I am happy to report that I have my wife back again. She is smiling, happy, energetic, and is enjoying life again.

We’re STAYING on GSH Complex!

Matthew Conway

Manitoba, Canada | 2014

My health was always a challenge.

As a 59 year old man who travels a lot, I had let my body get pretty run down. I was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cataracts, and some other health challenges. Some months ago, I learned about GSH Complex, and that it gives the body what it needs to rebuild cells. Since a lot of people I know had experienced some great results, I got some for myself right away.

After three months of taking GSH Complex every day, my blood sugar dropped from 254 to about 104, and it has stayed around there ever since. My cholesterol dropped from 208 to 199. For many years I tried to take care of those conditions through diet and exercise. Those things helped some, but I still had to rely on my medications. Now, since I’ve been on the product, my body is able to run the way it should.

My doctor is amazed at the results of the blood tests. I am now completely off my medications all together, including my diabetes medication. I have more energy, and I don’t wake up tired. I also learned that you can mix GSH Complex with some saline solution, and put it right in the eye. I did that twice a day for about two months, and now my cataracts are completely gone. This has been verified by a doctor—there is no trace of cataracts at all! As long as I’m on GSH Complex, the results show that I am in good health!

Thank you Cymcorp!

James Porter

New York, USA | 2014

Crohn’s Disease lead me to hospitalization.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 16 years ago. When I was first diagnosed I was on several medications which equaled more than 28 pills a day. I’ve been hospitalized 3 different times, in and out of the ICU and have received 2 blood transfusions. The last time I was hospitalized and received a blood transfusion was in March of 2014.

I’ve been with Cymcorp and taking GSH Complex for a couple of years now. Around 2 months ago I decided to read more about Cymcorp’ VIPROX formula. I was a little hesitant about ordering the VIPROX because it does cost a little more money but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I started with the recommended loading dose and as of now I’ve been on VIRPOX for a little over 6 weeks.

After around my 8th day or so of taking VIPROX I started noticing a difference. With Crohn’s Disease even when it’s in remission there is always a feeling of discomfort. That was the first thing I noticed changing. At first I thought the change was just in my head like a placebo effect or something. But it wasn’t. After 6 weeks on VIPROX I can’t believe the difference I’m feeling and wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it for myself.

For the 1st time in 16 years my stomach feels normal! There’s no pain! The only regret I have is that I didn’t start taking the VIPROX sooner.

There are so many products out there that promise to work, that say they’ll help you and that you’ll feel a difference. But using VIPROX is the first one I have ever tried that truly lives up to the testimonials that I read about. I am a Cymcorp member and a faithful product user for life. I’ve told my entire family about this product and look forward to helping others see and feel the difference that VIPROX can make in their lives.

Antonio Ravari

California, USA | 2010

Diabetes, Hypertension and high cholesterol.

I’m 74 years old and started having serious medical problems after I had undergone an amputation to my right leg due to Diabetes, back in 2003; I had problems with my Hypertension, high cholesterol and some findings of blood spots in my urine. Then, my vision got blurry and my doctor had prescribed me to wear double focal eyeglasses. I thought that, with all these problems attacking me at once, it was a sign that the end was close. I prayed to the Lord to help me find a way to live longer.

On February 4th, 2008, a friend introduced me to the wonderful Cymcorp line of products. That friend of mine also had health problems and informed me of all the good things the products had done for their health. So, I thought: why not?

I started using them as part of my daily diet. I have been using them regularly for about 7 years now and have felt many wonderful things happen to me. My health started to become revived and it felt as if all of the cells in my body started to be rejuvenated. My former dosage of pills that were to be taken daily amounted to 14 pills a day but now has been reduced to 5 pills a day. One thing that had amazed my wife was that I no longer have to wear my eyeglasses when I drive. After having lab work done on my blood, my doctor was surprised and happy to find out that my blood test results tested “”normal””. My doctor is now a user of the products.

Ross G.

Ontario, Canada | 2012

Two weeks after getting on GSH Complex it was like I was 18 again.

My name is Ross G. I had three strokes by the age of 47. Then recently, I has a heart attack. The drugs I was on had many counter indications. The worst was the blood pressure medication, which destroyed my ability to perform sexually. Two weeks after getting on the GSH Complex it was like I was 18 again. Without any counter indications.

Thanks Cymcorp!


Quebec, Canada | 2006

I did not want to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life.

My name is David, I am a 39-year-old male that has suffered from high blood pressure and anxiety for the last two years. My doctor had put me on prescriptions for both high blood pressure and the anxiety. He had said that I would most likely be taking them for the rest of my life. After the two years on the medications, I was desperate to find another solution, with all the side effects from the medications, I realized that I could not do this for the rest of my life.

While researching for alternative methods to control my health situation, I was referred to Dr. Bob Bender. We met in November 2004, and little did I know then, that my life from that day forward would drastically change. Dr. Bender had informed me about the health benefits of GSH Complex® along with eating a nutritious diet and that I had a good chance to get off of all my prescription medications. I began taking the GSH Complex® that day as well as changing my diet. I continued taking the GSH Complex® twice daily, drinking two 8 oz glasses of water along with a healthy diet and exercise program.

As of January 2005, I have reduced my blood pressure medication by half, and I have not taken anxiety medication since December 2004. I have recently seen my family doctor for a complete check up. Not only is he amazed at my blood pressure on only half of my medication, but he is amazed at my cholesterol results as well. Dr. Bender has not only helped me with my internal health, but my physical and mental health as well. With the use of GSH Complex® I feel healthier than I have in years. I am grateful for a natural alternative to live a healthy life.

Thanks Cymcorp!

Nathalie T.

Longueil, Quebec | 2012

I was diagnosed in the early 1990’s with Fibromyalgia.

I was diagnosed in the early 1990’s with Fibromyalgia, inherited weak adrenaline glands and complete nervous exhaustion. Since this time I’ve struggled with a limited ability to cope with physiological stress and very little R.E.M. sleep leading to chronic anxiety, depression as well as concentration and memory problems. Since I’ve started with GSH Complex and after 4 weeks of maintaining of a 3-scoop a day dose, I have for the first time in many years been able to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep to wake up feeling rested with energy. My joints no longer snap in and out of place as before. My ability to retain information and concentration is better than ever. The chronic anxiety in my chest is 75% relieved.

R. Gauthier

Ontario, Canada | 2013

From pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals.

I was raised in a family where my father was a pharmacist working for a pharmaceutical firm. We were lucky enough to have access to the best Dr.’s and medication for practically free. But growing up I was always sick; I had at least two colds per winter. From my early age til my mid-forties I unfortunately contracted close to 15 bronchitis and two pneumonia’s that sent me to the hospital.

This did not make sense to me… how come if I had access to the best Doctors and the best medication I was always sick? When the cold season arrived my worry grew into a fear of getting sick. I decided to educate myself, we did a host of tests and discovered I had a weak immune system and was also vitamin deficient. Fortunately, in my research I came across a product called GSH Complex. I have been taking it for the past 10 years or so and I’m happy to report that I have not taken so much as an Aspirin in that period of time – I’ve been cold free ever since. Even though I’m approaching my 60’s, I’ve never felt better in my whole life.

Vicky Émond

Laval, Quebec | 2014

I was diagnosed with a possible lymphatic cancer, then mastocystes… an orphan disease with no viable treatment.

About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a possible lymphatic cancer. It’s at that time that I decided to start using VIPROX to gain some hope. Although it was difficult at times, the product did seem to be helping me out. But, afterwards I was diagnosed with mastocytes… An orphan disease with no viable treatment.

So I then spoke with Robert, president and formulator at Cymcorp. I followed his advice, but I also listened to my own body and took the combination of GSH Complex, Une-Vie and Triozyme at my own rate. Today, I’m only on the maintenance dose of once a day. Just last week, I went for my blood test and was told that everything looked great! I can’t explain it, but I can admit that, for me, it’s a miracle.

A deep and profound thank you to Cymcorp.

Rose Simard

Pointe-aux-Tremble, Quebec | Age 83

Summary of my health throughout my life.

I was born into a family of 15 children; life was difficult in these times, and meals were not always well-balanced. At 15 years old, I had tuberculosis and at 26 years old I was operated on for a tumour on an ovary which was, also, tubercular. I was hospitalized for 1 month in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Following this operation I had gained 15 pounds. The doctor said to me that it was because of my glands. I had to go on a diet to lose this weight because if I continued gaining, with my bone structurem, I could easily reach 400 pounds – this was my fear.

I followed all the diets and lost my health. Towards the age of 55, I had breast cancer and cysts. It was the day before my operation that my home caught on fire.

There I said to God that it wasn’t time for me to die, my husband needed me too much, and he surely listened to my prayer. At 80 years old, I had another present of life… cancer in the other breast. I was sure this was my end, I looked at everything negatively. I was, once again, depressed of life. I prayed to God, I asked Him to introduce me to somebody who could be able to help me. The same day, I saw the advertising for GSH Complex on the television, made by Mr. Gauthier. For me, it was the answer to my prayers and bought the product the same day.

After taking GSH Complex, my thought were not the same anymore; I had more energy, I was positive and I had even more creativity… I wanted to live again!

My arm that was practically paralyzed and which prevented me from enjoying my favorite pass time started to function again. Since, I started painting. I have my own painting school, I do some gardening, I do volunteer work, I help my husband in his business and most important of all, I enjoy life! My days begin at 5:30 in the morning and end very late. I am happy and am now in my 83rd year. In closing, I must say that GSH Complex is a marvelous product which is a part of my everyday life!


Dorothy Edwards

Realtor/Broker at Johnson -Edwards Holdings, LLC

I’ve been a health, fitness fanatic most of my adult life, lifted weights 3 days, cardio 6, hiking 8-16 miles, bicycling, learned to ski in 50s, skydiving & zip lining in my 60s.

Got out of my routine for a couple of years then as I was getting back into it, I had an accident that involved a concussion

Oh, I’d had a clean Thorough checkup 10 months prior, no issues, no meds!

After the accident:

  • My BP kept spiking
  • Immune system was dangerously compromised
  • saw 6 Specialist to rule out this and that
  • Multiple MRIs, CT-scans with & without contrast
  • ended up with Pneumonia
  • Had to take it super easy 8-9 months
  • Told to avoid crowds

A year plus later:

  • I’m taking multiple BP meds
  • flu and pneumonia shots recommended, I passed on both
  • Drs Said I should be able to get back to my normal activity level but I have Zero energy,
  • Not sleeping well & not getting enough sleep
  • Difficultly focusing
  • Gained weight
  • Eating constantly but not feeling satiated or getting any energy from it

***For me, living like I am now is torture!

A sedentary life isn’t living at all🎉***

I’ve been researching alternatives but nothing worked as promised until one day I listened to a replay of a Wednesday health call. I was so intrigued that I searched through my emails to listen to any other replays I could find. I was missing a couple so I asked Dyan to forward those if she had them, I read everything on the website, then ordered the product.

5 months in the therapy:

  1. More alert and able to focused
  2. BP the lowest it’s been since the accident even with medications
  3. Lost 15 lbs
  4. Sleeping better and longer
  5. No more cramps in my lower leg during the night
  6. Circulation to extremities is improved
  7. Recently I’d been breaking out in chin area. It’s completely cleared up and I haven’t even used the product topically
  8. Exercising everyday now, started slow. Before I had zero energy to do that before starting Viprox
  9. Able to adjust BP meds couple was ago
  10. Digestion tract now in balance. I kept forgetting about this improvement.

Now I’m hopeful that I will get back to my normal life & activity level!

Billie Brown

Believe it is ViProx that has given me a wonderful surprise!

“I grew up in lots of sunshine in the southern tip of Florida. (south of Miami) A teenager in the 1940’s! Trying for a tan, we used baby oil with a few drops of iodine in it. My skin is very fair and many blisters resulted – usually weekly! About 40 years later the skin damage surfaced. Had many treatments for various skin cancers. In the past 10 years have ‘visited’ the dermatologist frequently. There’s been biopsys; surgerys; and usually at least 10 ‘shots’ of liquid nitrogen each time.

After being on ViProx for about 6 months, this past doctor ‘visit’ brought great news.

No biopsys; No scheduled surgery; and No liquid nitrogen!

I’m a very happy ‘girl’ and credit ViProx with this amazing result!”

Dyan — please thank Robert — and let him know I’m ‘aging gracefully’ — smile!

Dr. Burress

Oregon, USA

Hello my name is Dr. Burress, I would like to say I have been on the product for 15 years now. I never get colds or the flu.

I had an Upper G.I. Bleed with a 4 unit blood transfusion going on and my body healed it right up as the all the Dr.’s test have come back up with flying colors. The Dr.’s couldn’t believe I healed so well. The product sure did the trick as I say it is an unbelievable product to have in your hands. It has let my dear friend heal herself right up with her Fibromyalgia and she has a ton more energy.

I also recommend this product to my eye patients. This product lowers the pressure in the eyes better than any med pills can do for Glaucoma patients. It is the best regimen to use for my glaucoma patients. I believe this will prevent cataracts as well.

In the last 14 years of me recommending this to my patients I have saved over 450 sets of eyes with the patients using their own body’s to heal themselves .

Thank you for this unbelievable product for me and my patients!

Thomas Carranco

Corona, CA.

My name is Tom Carranco I am 77 years old and I was on Viprox and in Oct. of 2018 I went into the hospital for a small procedure. I was in recovery and the nurses rammed my feet and lower legs two times with a gurney that had someone on it. I was hurt pretty bad and ended up in rehab for just over a month. And to this day I am recovered as a was taking Viprox before and this is why my recovery was faster then it would have been, thanks be to God .Now I am still taking Viprox and I went to see my doctor in January 2019 and he took me all of My high Blood Pressure pills I was taking and about four other different pills .praise be to God!

Patricia Narveson

Corona, CA.

My name is Patricia and back in 2005 the Dr. told me I had a tumor on my breast.

This is when GSH Complex 1st came out in my area and I immediately got on it.

And after 2 months when I went back for a pre-op visit the surgeon said, “I am not going back in there because there is no more tumor”.

Oh the words I wanted to hear. This product is the world’s best kept secret on health today.

This product is a Godsend and I am so glad I know that this product is out there to let us defeat disease!

Gary Thomas

February 28, 2019


Here’s a personal testimony from Gary.Thomas (AR)

Gary has been dealing with several serious health issues. One being high PSA numbers. He started on the Viprox Therapy about 4 months ago with no other changes to his meds or habits.

Here are the results of last 4 tests: Each month lower: 7.9 to 4.8 to 3.6 to 2.3 The oncologist said maybe as a result to prayer.

Gary says: “Viprox may have been that answer to prayer”

Dyan Lucero

February 13, 2019

I started taking ViProx in November.

  • Within 1 week I got a compliment on my skin looking smooth and radiant
  • Within 2 weeks I noticed I had more energy in the afternoon vs the very low energy I experienced every afternoon before ViProx
  • Sometimes after I ate I got indigestion.  No more, I even ate 5 pieces of pepperoni the other day, and now with Triozyme, I did not have a problem
  • I sleep peaceful through the night and if I do wake up I go right back to sleep.

I take my ViProx EVERYDAY and have not missed a single day.  My goal is to maintain good health forever and share this with other.

Martin Narveson

February 16, 2019

My name is Martin and I have been with the product since 2005. It received my attention when I saw it remove a breast tumor from a dear friend in 2 months. Since I started taking it I knew I could not ever stop taking this product. I used to have a very weak immune system. I would get 4 colds a year and usually the flu. I was never breast fed and worked in very toxic environment’s. Now I am happily healthy and if I feel a cold coming on I just up the dosage until I feel better. This is your last stop on finding a health solution, guaranteed.

Elaine Jerrils

February 13, 2019
  1. I wake up 2 or 3 imes in night but now can go right back to sleep each time.
  2. After 3 full months on Viprox a fairly noticeable improvement in back & shoulder pain
  3. More energy throughout day
  4. After several month of Diverticulitis episodes, apparently caused by eating both carbs & protein in same meal. I am now eating whatever I choose, even with both carbs and protein together.
  5. Weight loss also

Using all 3 products once each morning and next 2 meals with just the UneVie & Triozine.

I don’t ever want to be without this program! Elaine Jerrils

Debbie Jongeward

February 3, 2019

When I first heard of Viprox, I was looking for help especially in the area of sustained energy and mental agility. I had gone through a period of 4 years where my eating and drinking ability was very compromised, and I had been existing for over a year on a liquid diet, that even then, could not always stay in me. I have been able to eat and drink normally now for several years, but I still was looking for a way to keep from taking naps every day. My brain function too, was still a bit sluggish at times, and knew there must be something I was missing.

When I heard Robert tell about his product, it resonated with me so much! I had been addressing many of things his products target, but the Glutathione especially was an ingredient that I didn’t realize was so necessary – even for other antioxidents to work at their best.

I began taking it at the full dosage and about the 5th week, I began noticing that I wasn’t needing that mid-afternoon nap! Another week went by, and I noticed I had enough “spunk” again that I was even motivated to run home from the mailbox! I know– it doesn’t sound like much, does it, but I hadn’t had that thought for so many years, I realized that something special was going on in my body! My brain, too, seemed to be able to navigate life a little easier and faster, so that was a nice bonus. Of course, now I am “sold” on Viprox, and have cut back to a maintenance dosage, but am still experiencing both the added brain function and energy on a consistent basis.

Claire Olsen

January 31, 2019

I have been using the Cymcorp products for over 4 months now. My eyes watered, were red and irritated most days and required eye drops to keep the red out. Since I have been using the product my eyes are no longer watery during the day or irritated and red. I have been taking the product but also doing the eye wash every day.

I have also used the product as a facial mask. It is helping my skin have an even skin tone and diminish any spots that were becoming darker as I am 61 yrs. old.

I have my mom and my husband using the product for their eyes. They both have cataracts and we are seeing how that affects their condition. I will be updating their progress.

Kathleen Parks

January 30, 2019

I started using Viprox approximately 3 months ago.  The things I noticed right away is better sleeping and less fatigue.  I have chronic fatigue and there were mornings that while I was making my bed I was wishing I could take a nap right then.  The Viprox changed that in that I not only sleep better but a nap was not a necessity as before and if I took a nap it was one of those power naps.

Also, my skin has gotten much better.  I had better skin as a teenager than I was having now that I’m in my mid 70’s.  I have been using the product on those beige scaly spots on my body and they are going away and also on a red mark on my upper arm that had been there quite some time.  I thought it was a bite of some kind so I started using Viprox and it eventually was gone.

I’m giving a lot of the credit to this comment from my son to Viprox.  Someone asked him how his mom was doing at her age.  My son said, great, I can’t keep up with her.

Dorothy Edwards

2 months on Viprox:

  1. More alert and able to focus
  2. BP the lowest it’s been since the accident even with medications 
  3. Lost 17 lbs
  4. Sleeping better and significantly longer
  5. No more cramps in my lower leg during the night
  6. Circulation to extremities is improved
  7. Recently I’d been breaking out in chin area gone and I haven’t even used the product topically 
  8. Exercising everyday now, started slow.

Now I’m hopeful that I will get back to my normal life & activity level!


Joseph Orilia

Ontario, Canada | 2012

My solution for a severe case of Psoriasis.

My name is Joseph, I have a 2 year old nephew that suffered from a severe case of Psoriasis (head to toe). His mother would give him his prescription as described, but it just wouldn’t work. She then asked me about Une Vie, and if that could help.

We decided we had nothing to lose giving it a try and included Une-Vie in his bath the same day. You should of seen the dead skin just washing away, it was impressive! Also, the redness and itchiness went away, my sister is sold to this product for life.

Cymcorp, a big THANK YOU from our whole family!

Dr. Willy Tsaku, MD, Medical Advisor for Cymcorp

Pretoria, South Africa | 2015

Near death dehydration.

God has provided a solution for some people through us, let us strive not to
deprive them of their opportunity to live.

Yesterday, some one was brought to me. He was in shock after loosing water the whole night. He nearly killed himself in a stupid way. I initially use to tell him to take VIPROX. He has a thousand excuses. 3 days back he came to see me to have a VIPROX. I told him you must buy it. He agreed and did nothing. He was fine.

When he got to his house, on the way, he bought a herbal homeopathic concoction to clean his organism. In stead, he had diarrhea the whole night; dying of severe dehydration and shock. They came back to see me. As they entered my house, the man collapsed on my couch. I told the woman that her husband was dying. He was emaciated with sunken eyes, coated tongue, sweating with non recordable blood pressure.

I rushed for 2 glasses of water (Une-Vie) and he was taken straight to a nearby hospital casualties. He recovered en route, the doctor in the emergency room only attended to him hours later after other serious emergencies. That initial water is what saved him. He wouldn’t have made it.

This is my “Une-Vie” miracle. Praise God!

Hence I say, keep up the good work you do, Cymcorp, not knowing how many lives you save and much difference you make in the lives of the people who are far and those near to you.

Good courage!


Carolyn T.

New Jersey, USA | 2014

I had chronic heartburns during my pregnancy.

Two years ago I was pregnant with my first son. About six months in my pregnancy, I started to have terrible heartburns which would make me lose a lot of sleep – it was getting problematic for both, me and my son’s health. As many know, while being pregnant, you cannot take any prescription drugs or pain killers. I went to my doctor with my issue and he suggested a natural solution which would be harmless to both of us. I started taking Triozyme then and it worked instantly! Even to this day, my family put the prescription drugs and pain killers to rest and we only use Triozyme for any digestion issues.

Antonio Ravari

California, USA | 2010

Diabetes, Hypertension and high cholesterol.

I’m 74 years old and started having serious medical problems after I had undergone an amputation to my right leg due to Diabetes, back in 2003; I had problems with my Hypertension, high cholesterol and some findings of blood spots in my urine. Then, my vision got blurry and my doctor had prescribed me to wear double focal eyeglasses. I thought that, with all these problems attacking me at once, it was a sign that the end was close. I prayed to the Lord to help me find a way to live longer.

On February 4th, 2008, a friend introduced me to the wonderful Cymcorp line of products. That friend of mine also had health problems and informed me of all the good things the products had done for their health. So, I thought: why not?

I started using them as part of my daily diet. I have been using them regularly for about 7 years now and have felt many wonderful things happen to me. My health started to become revived and it felt as if all of the cells in my body started to be rejuvenated. My former dosage of pills that were to be taken daily amounted to 14 pills a day but now has been reduced to 5 pills a day. One thing that had amazed my wife was that I no longer have to wear my eyeglasses when I drive. After having lab work done on my blood, my doctor was surprised and happy to find out that my blood test results tested “”normal””. My doctor is now a user of the products.

Provida Pet Success Stories

Marisol Lopez

Dunvegan, Ontario | 2015

The story of my cat with feline AIDS.

Feline AIDS consist in mostly the same symptoms than a human would experience with HIV. As you know, their immune system is low and they suffer from liver problems, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite and much more. We adopted two cats with Feline AIDS over the years.

Our first, Janji, is about 9 years old and in the best shape of his life! We got him and he had gone from 14 lbs all the way down to only 7 lbs. He had stopped playing and refused to eat anything. We decided to put him on Provida Pet to see if it would help his condition. After about a month’s use, he is back up to 13 lbs, playing (or fighting) with his brother and eats full bowls of food everyday! He is now better than ever and we love to see him happy and healthy.

Our second cat that we’ve fostered for Feline AIDS is Tom. Tom weighed only 5 lbs when we got him, and his excrements smelled horrible. We started him on Provida Pet the first day we’ve had him home. A few days after we’ve started seeing a difference in his attitude, coat and even the weight, already! A few weeks later (about 3), he was back to his normal weight, playing around with Janji, and, thank God, the smell was gone.

Patricia Bracelin, Owner of an Abandoned Cat Shelter (Project TNR)

Hawkesbury, Ontario | 2014

Thanks Cymcorp for saving me an expensive bill.

My cat, Pheonix, suffers from sensitive teeth and gums due to chronic gingivitis. Even months of having his teeth cleaned and treated with medication, he wouldn’t eat and had no more energy.

After only 3 weeks of using Provida Pet mixed in his canned food, Pheonix is now wanting to eat again – he even started to play and meow again! Thanks Cymcorp for saving me an expensive bill at a dentistry-specialized veterinarian.

Josée DuSablon

Hawkesbury, Ontario | 2014

Nutritional deficiencies lead to skin irregularities.

I am co-owner of Urban Pet, a grooming salon and a canine psycologie center in West Montreal. I would like to share with you the experience we have lived with a client:

A yorkie suffering from severe hair loss on 90% of his body with thickening of the skin causing dandruff, itching and atopic dermatitis with Purit. Knowing the damages that causes nutritional deficiencies in amino acids for skin care, we strongly advised ProvidaPet to our customer.

After four months of daily use of the product, 40% of the hair started to grow back on the body of the little yorkie! And continues to grow to this day. The itching and dandruff are gone without antibiotics, and leaving no scar. As a professional, I recommend the Provida Pet as a dietary supplement to all my clients.

Angèle Galant

Trois-Rivière, Quebec | 2014

I didn’t want to let her go.

I adopted my cat when I found her outside. She suffered from allergies; a bladder infection and she had parasites in the stomach. After some time, her state had worsened really badly and I had to go to the vet with her. They concluded that she had a kidney no longer functional and the other was very swollen and barely working properly. The urethra that goes to the bladder was blocked and she was dehydrated, my options were to hospitalize or euthanize her… I was not ready to let her go so I brought her home.

I was looking for the best solution to save her when I thought of my own consumption of GSH Complex. I saw that Cymcorp had a similar product for pets. Three doses of ProvidaPet later and my kitty was already more energetic. Now four weeks have passed and it is a brand new cat! She’s active and attentive, now. These symptoms have disappeared and I got my baby back.

François Lachaine

St-Jérôme, Quebec | 2014

Provida Pet saved our dog, Dobby.

Going back a few years, our dog called ”Dobby”, a female mixed breed of German Sheppard and Doberman, was 10 years old and started developing some concerning symptoms such as; a sagging pot belly, weakness and lethargy, excessive thirst and difficulty standing on its paws. Concerned, we called up the vet and where advised to monitor the situation and if symptoms worsen to bring her in for consultation.

Days went by and symptoms appear to go on and off until one late evening, our dog collapsed and appeared to have a seizure, she was unconscious and may have even stop breathing for 10 to 30 seconds. We were in shock and had to drive in the middle of the night to an emergency Vet clinic to get her diagnosed. After a few tests, the Vet advised that our dog had indeed a stroke that was caused by an advanced stage of Cushings disease and would require specials meds and possibly surgery.

As we could not afford such treatments, we decided to look for alternative natural remedies hoping that we could help our dog but where a little discouraged to find out that nothing could really help. At the time, I was taking GSH Complex and figured that if it were doing me good, it would probably help our dog as well. I started to give some of the protein mixed in water and our dog seemed to be more energetic in a matter of days.

I told my story to Robert Gauthier of Cymcorp (Distributor of GSH) and he told me they had a specific GSH formula for animals called ”Provida Pet” and advised that we administer this product to our dog.

We were stunned to see that within a month of consuming the product, our dog had regained life and was symptoms free from the disease and lived an additional healthy 3 years up to 13 years.

Thank you Cymcorp, Provida Pet saved our dog and gave her 3 years of wonderful healthy extension on life.

Marisol Lopez

Dunvegan, Ontario | 2013

My cat and I use GSH Complex.

When I was 19 years old I got Hepatitis B. As you probably know this is a serious disease that damages your liver and makes you feel tired and often sick if you eat the wrong foods or have a glass of wine. I often felt that way until we discovered GSH Complex.

It really changed my life. I feel energetic and I can eat all kinds of different foods without feeling sick the day after. What a great feeling it is to feel healthy and strong. I also would like to take the opportunity to give our cat Mazie’s testimonial. We have a wonderful 4 year old cat that has FIV or AIDS. Animals have the same symptoms as humans.

As you know the immune system gets very low and you experience liver problems, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite and so on. He went from 14 lbs. to 7 lbs. and our veterinarian told us he was going to suffer and get worse. We decided that if GSH Complex works for us it would work for him. After only 1 month he was back up to 13 lbs. and today he is 15lbs and doing great.


Maggy Dubé-Laroche

Laval, Quebec | 2015

17 years old, athlete competing in Sport Climbing.

I have long remained septic regarding programs based on proteins and supplements. I always thought that advertisements were false promises and nice words covering up for bad product…. Several months ago, I was approached by Robert Gauthier, the owner of Cymcorp: a healthy living supplements company. Despite his clear conviction and positive attitude, I remained, yes I admit it, on my guards against these products. But four months later I discovered for myself that it wasn’t simply his attitude that was good, but his products that, contrary to what I thought before, are magically effective.

My name is Maggy Dubé-Laroche and I am a sports climbing athlete in the international competing levels. I have been practicing sports climbing for over 10 years, and competing for 5 years. With regular competitions and multiple trainings per week, many things happen in my day-to-day life. Add a busy schedule, as well as the possibilities of injuries being just around the corner and the moral takes a hit. It’s now been several months since I started using NexPro Cell Tech, and much has changed.

Three months ago, I dislocated my shoulder during a Canadian Championship. That’s horrible news for an athlete like me. This injury generates many consequences: I have to quit training and put my career on pause, which lead to a drop in my self-esteem and more… To top everything, when you finally get back to training, the return is much harder than you’d expect. Normally, in climbing, a 2-month breaks demand at least a full month of training – if not more – to regain your capacities. This was haunting me constantly. Then I remembered the wise words of Mr. Gauthier: “You’ll see, NexPro really help to regenerate your body, even in case of injury!” So I religiously took the products, making sure to follow all the recommended doses to see whether or not the wise man would turn out to be just another advertiser. That’s when the day came, I hoped back on my training routine. Well, guess what? In 1 week and a half, I was back on track with a smile plastered on my face when I realized I was even stronger than I was before.

After this upsetting experience, I’m back to my routine: work, school and the 5 workouts a week. Quite the busy schedule. Well stay assured, I easily manage to take all the products every day without hassle or loss of time. You drink water every day? Well, it’s as simple as adding a small tablespoon in your water so you feel better about yourself and avoid unnecessary headaches – I used to suffer from migraines, constantly! Your drink at lunch and dinner can easily be replaced by a shake that remove all harmful toxins from your body. I also use Triozyme®, and chewing two tablets after your meals, well it’s done in a flash! With a busy schedule, it has to be quick and easy! Simple, right?

All of this is to say that NexPro and all of Cymcorp’ products are of extremely good quality, simple to use and effective. I now can trust supplements and proteins thanks to Cymcorp. If you’re still skeptical, try it for yourself, it’s worth it!