Helping you protect what’s most important

We are here for you…

During this unprecedented time in our history, we understand that everyone is facing hardships. The current coronavirus pandemic is putting an enormous strain on our physical, mental, emotional and financial health. But in times of crisis, I’m always heartened by humanity’s capacity to band together to help family and friends, to help our neighbours – even to help strangers.

We would like to do our part.

As a company whose primary goal is maintaining your health, we are not shuttering our doors. We decided not only to continue operation, but to accelerate it. With your well-being at the top of your mind, we are giving away a free product with the purchase of any two. There’s no deadline for this offer; it will be in effect until this crisis blows over.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones. We will get through this together.

Robert Gauthier
President & CEO
Cymcorp International

One thought on “Helping you protect what’s most important

  1. Fernando Manuel says:

    Hello, cymcorp family it is very good to know that you have done your best to help the world of this pandemic.
    being a social responsibility we are doing our part here and we feel supportive with ourselves, whatever.

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