Maggy Dubé-Laroche


Maggy is a sport climber; she has been actively climbing since the age of 7, and started competing at 12 years old. At only 17, Maggy is a rookie of Canada’s National Climbing Team in Speed Climbing. In her short career, Maggy is the only athlete representing Quebec in the Pan-American Games and World Juniors.

Maggy was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and started climbing at the young age of 7 years old. She became a member of “Amusement Action Direct’s” competition team in 2011, category Youth A. She is also a member of Canada’s National Team. She participated in several competitions to date, including “Tour de Bloc”, “La Coupe Quebec” and the National PANAM Circuits.

The latest competition that Maggy participated in is the Canadian Championship hosted in Saanich, British Columbia. She ranked 1st place in the Speed discipline (category Youth A) and 2nd place in Open Preferences (Bouldering and Speed). Maggy is the ONLY athlete representing Quebec in the Pan-American Games as well as the World Juniors. She ranked 2nd in the Canadian Championship (Senior) and is placed within the Top 16 (Worldwide). Maggy is working her way amongst the best!

  • September 2015 | 20th place, World championship in speed climbing, juvenile category A (16-17 years old) – Arco, Italia
  • May 2015 | Gold Medal, Canadian Championships in speed climbing, juvenile category A (16-17 years old) – Central Saanich (British Columbia)
  • May 2015 | Silver Medal, National Championships in speed climbing, Elite category (19 and over) – Central Saanich (British Columbia)
  • May 2015 | 16th place, speed climbing World Championship in Elite category (19 and over)
  • April 2015 | Gold Medal, Quebec Speed Championship
  • November 2014 |Participation in the Pan American Championship in climbing in Mexico
  • May 2014 | Silver medal, Canadian speed Championship, juvenile category A (16-17 years old)
  • April 2014 | Gold Medal, Quebec Speed Championship
  • Member of the Canadian National Climbing team in Speed Disciplines
  • Quebec Champion of all disciplines combined
  • Canadian Champion in speed climbing
  • Only female athlete to represent Quebec at the Pan American
  • Championships/speed climbing Worldwide
  • Among the 16 best climbers in the world in speed discipline at only 17
  • Recipient of three Laval sporting merits (bronze, silver and gold)
  • Awarded the honorary award of persistence and determination Laval Pierre Marchand
What pushed you to start rock climbing at such a young age?

My father received a rock climbing class from my mother on his birthday since he loves heights and his physically strong. Once he had taken his class, he invited me to climb. To his surprise, I had a hidden talent in me. Thus, while developing a good complicity with my father, I developed a lot of fun to come climbing with him every Sunday morning!

How did you discover the world of the competition?

One Sunday morning in November 2011, I was climbing with my father (obviously). That’s when the technical director of the climbing center “Amusement Action Directe”, Rock Charron, suggested that I try to be part of the competition team. From the first training, I fell in love even more deeply with the sport, each team member and the atmosphere as a group.

Before climbing competition, you were in a water polo competition team. Why have you stopped everything to direct you to the escalating?

In water polo, I had gone to the stage where my team in Laval was not complete. I had to go to Longueuil to play with the team of Saint-Lambert. Furthermore, the atmosphere at tournaments was very tense and competitiveness was to the point where it was not really fun to play anymore. For 1 year, I did the two sports simultaneously. I then discovered that the climbing competition was simply more healthy and friendly. I could also train close to home and be independent of the rest of my team. The following year, I stopped the water polo to concentrate 100% on climbing.

How do you manage to balance your social life with your training and studies?

From an early age, my mother taught me the meaning of a proper organization. I have a detailed agenda, a big calendar in my room for events and another calendar for schoolwork. Each of my tools are very detailed, which allows me to better manage my time and see where my open space for activities like seeing my friends or my family. Also, I am enrolled in sport-study program in college, which helps me to balance school and training. My teachers then are more aware of my responsibilities as well, and help me find solutions with respect to assignments or examinations when I’m overloaded or when I have to leave in competition. I also have friends and family who understand what I live and do their utmost to support me in my eventful life!

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– Maggy Dubé-Laroche (June 2015)

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