6 Foods to Add to Your Diet for a Better Digestion

Summer time is upon us! The warm air, patios, seasonal fruits and veggies, BBQing and depending on your location either some salty ocean air or a crisp lake breeze. Regardless of where you are; summer is sweet, warm, fun and for some reason this is also the time when a lot of our routines go out the window as well as our nutrition. We sometimes tend to have a few more patio drinks than usual, less sleep because of long days, and sometimes throwing our eating routine completely out of whack.

Here we will suggest some easy foods that you can incorporate in your diet or on the go to keep the digestive system going and help keep your gut in check! Enjoy yourselves!


This is a fermented milk drink, it is effervescent and chalk full of calcium and probiotics that promote healthy gut flora. For those that are on the no-dairy train, yes this is yoghurt but did you know that it is 99% lactose free? Sip it in the morning or on the go.




At first Kombucha started as a lonely fermented tea with a vinegar smell which people we apprehensive about. With all the flavors coming out and not to mention the great health benefits; this tea is now a superstar for all things digestion. This cult favorite has live bacteria in it which is another reason it’s a favorite. The ease at which you can help balance your gut on the go with this drink is a saving grace for when you indulged a little at the BBQ or the morning after having gone a little handle heavy with the patio drinks.


You can see a bowl of this floating around at barbeques as a condiment. Load on the sauerkraut, its fermented cabbage with a great flavour. It will keep the digestion going and keep you regular even if you’ve consumed something you usually have trouble digesting.



Saukerkrauts hotter younger sister, is also a fermented cabbage. With a Korean influence this one has a little more kick and spice than saukerkraut. If you’re not one for some deep hot flavour I would stick the sauerkraut. Add this as a condiment to meat or even on top of a salad.



Made from naturally fermented soyabeans. It has a nutty flavour as well as containing a complete source of amino acids makes it a vegetarian protein! This guy can be part of the grill party. Grill it, marinate and cook it and try various recipes with it. You’ll be surprised by how versatile it can be.



This paste is made of barley, rice or soybeans. Less is more with this one, it adds a nice oriental flavour to dishes and packs a serious probiotic punch.

Keep an eye out for our next post on some recipes that incorporate these foods which you will be thrilled to serve your guests, family and enjoy yourself!


Priscilla Corbeil
E-Commerce Coordinator/Author